Outsource marketing functions to become agile

When And How To Engage In The Gig Marketing Economy

It’s been just over a week since the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2016, and I’m still finding gems in the huge mass of insight that has come from the event.

One article in particular, has hit me right between the eyes – it is almost as if it’s been written by one of us here in the Brightfly office. Heather Levy and Chriss Ross, Research Director for Marketing Leaders write in their article How to Build Your Marketing Organization about the dichotomy of having to retain and grow in-house talent while taking advantage of the gig economy. 

For those of you new to the concept of the ‘gig economy’ it relates to the term freelancers use for project work or gigs. More and more frequently nimble, entrepreneurial firms are looking to the freelance community to complete ad-hoc tasks on platforms such as https://www.upwork.com.

Outsource your marketing experiments to prevent overwhelm
Outsource your marketing experiments to prevent overwhelm

Ed Dale, the self confessed “most in-demand internet marketing future trends consultant” (and he’s right) often quotes the phrase “ why are you struggling with that when it’s someone else’s $5 problem!

For today’s entrepreneur there simply isn’t time to master all the skills and techniques needed to build and grow a business. To ensure they get the tasks done, they quite simply outsource them. There comes a point when a tasks value and impact is critical to the business, therefore it is worth investing the time and effort in mastering the skill.

Can Corporates Adopt Entrepreneurial Habits?

Well, nowadays, there is no reason why a large corporate marketing department can’t use the same strategies. Technological advancements in digital marketing well outstrip our ability as in-house marketers to keep up with trends and necessary skills. There is also the concept that adopting a new technique will require investment in infrastructure, which is complicated when you consider the pace of change.

So how can you approach this style of working in marketing?

5 Steps to adopting an agile approach to marketing

1) IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES – Review your current marketing strategy and identify where you could benefit from adopting leading edge digital marketing capability

2) ENGAGE EXPERTS – Engage with an agile agency that can deliver you quick win proof of concept style campaigns (we call it digital laboratory) that demonstrate the benefit of the technique and the types of results you should expect to achieve

3) ADOPT WINNING TACTICS – Look to adopt the techniques that deliver the most benefit in a slow and steady manner. This means experimenting, measuring against expected outcomes and dropping things that don’t work. It also means only trying one technique at a time, not every new toy in the box on the first day. A good agency would be able to work through the options and set up ‘experimental’ or ‘proof-of-concept’ activities for you and report back on the results and help you to set up the expected goals.

4) GROW IN-HOUSE SKILLS When you discover a leading technique that benefits the organisation, look to work with your agency to grow the in-house resource skill and technologies to run this on your own, in effect creating your own in-house laboratory

5)BUILD LEADING EDGE STANDARDS – Over time, you can even begin to build new techniques and jump ahead of the competition, starting your very own new tech or marketing revolution! We would call this an in-house foundry

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